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Price match guarantee²
Price match guarantee²
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45 day move-in guarantee³
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10 year warranty⁴
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Melamine is a practical material with excellent aesthetics profile. It gives long life to the kitchen with the surface hardness, scratch resistant and its property to resist moisture.


These kitchens imitate the finish of abstract material accurately at a fraction of your cost. They give depth and quality to the kitchen with their beautiful finish and water repellent nature.


These kitchens are advanced Superior high gloss acrylic finishes which delivers superior appearance and durability compared with 2 pack paint. Acrylic provides a deep high gloss colour without ripples; making acrylic finished panels the preferred choice for kitchens.

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We design and make modular kitchen for flat (apartment), or villa anywhere in Bangalore, Kerala, Chennai and Coimbatore, as per client’s requirements. Customized modular kitchen design suits client’s lifestyle and fits perfectly in the space. An experienced interior designer from TechnoWood Interiors visits the site, take measurement and understand requirements through several discussions. Our designer’s incorporates client’s requirements into suitable design as per shape and size of the kitchen. Once the client is completely satisfied with the drawings and specifications, company produces modular kitchen from own factory. A team of experienced technicians perform installation on site with perfect co-ordination. This professional interior design company can execute a work within 45 days of finalization of drawings. Below are the 5 most popular types of modular kitchen designs by TechnoWood Interiors home interiors.

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